September 2022
Experimental fishing

The first leg of scientific monitoring kicked off last September 2022 with four days of going off to the sea with local fishers and their outrigger boats (bangka). This data collection intends to determine the effects of the Pangatalan Island Marine Protected Area (PIMPA), along with the newly ordained MPA network for the years to come.

Aboard the small fishing vessels are researchers from Sulubaai Environmental Foundation and fishers turned in scientists, armed with their hook and line, bait and measuring tapes. "This place used to be filled with fish," recalls Val, an experimented fisher in one of his favorite spots after not catching any fish for almost 20 minutes. "We didn't have to go far before, but more people started to settle and fish here so there isn't much left anymore".

With fishing yields in the bay declining these past several years, the MPA network hopes to replenish the declining fish population and allow Val, along with many more fishers to continue with their livelihoods.

July 2022
Scuba diving trainings with Fisherfolk Associations and LGU representatives

July 2022 was a first stepping stone for Shama with the diving certification (PADI Advanced Open Water) of twelve local Fisherfolk and representatives from the municipal and provincial administrations.

This successful experience will be repeated and these new local divers will be trained to the Rescue or Divemaster level. The objective will be for them to take part in the ecological monitoring of coastal resources in the Shark Fin Bay, or be employed as eco-guides helping curious people discover and dive in the bay.